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Despite vast reserves of natural resources, Bolivia remains the poorest country in South America, and also has the greatest number of Chagas cases in the world.  Chagas disease is a silent killer among the poor in Bolivia, infecting about 10% of the population, and is transmitted by the vinchuca insect which lives in adobe walls and thatched roofs.  Though fatal if left untreated, Chagas disease can be treated if detected early on, so health education is crucial for families.  
Through the Chagas project, families receive the treatment and protection they need to overcome the disease.  Plastering adobe walls and pouring concrete floors in rural areas significantly decreases a family’s risk of infection.
By supporting the Chagas project materials are provided to renovate homes and make them “vinchua-proof”.  Click here to read more about the “Chagas Project”.
Click here to watch a short video on this project from Canadian Baptist Ministries. 
Click here to watch a short story of hope with Tim Hutton.
Other Bolivian Ministries you may wish to support.
In the red-light district of Cochabamba, mothers who work the streets must leave their children at home alone and unattended. This leads to missed meals, missed school and an environment that is unhealthy and dangerous. Fundacion Emanuel offers a safe place where the love of Jesus is modelled. Your gift will provide psychological and educational support, meals, and a community where children and their mothers are cared for.

2.  Education for a Brighter Future

Without computer equipment or internet access, children in impoverished situations face even more significant risks of becoming involved in street life and falling further into poverty. Your gift will support children and youth in this Cochabamba neighbourhood with the ability to access online learning and equipment along with tutoring and nutritional support.

3.  Vegetables from Yard to Table

In Bolivia, rural families may have limited access to a well-rounded diet. Nutritional deficiencies can affect both physical and emotional health. However, families can improve their quality of life by growing a vegetable kitchen garden. Your gift will equip each family with their own set of construction materials, seeds and agricultural supplies.


4.  Thread a Needle

This women’s project is set to take off. Eagles Wings brings together women whose husbands are currently incarcerated. Without their husbands, women and their children are at an increased risk of poverty. Through training and instruction, they are learning to run their own small sewing businesses. Together as a group, they meet for spiritual support while gaining practical skills in budgeting and parenting.

5.  Beekeeping – Hives of Activity

Supply families in rural Bolivia with new skills training, equipment and supplies to begin beekeeping. Multiple hives in an apiary can produce wax and honey that improve overall family health and augment the families’ income levels through profit from sales.

Click here to donate.  Please give as you decide in your heart.  As a church we would like to raise $1,000 for Bolivia.