At the present time there is no quizzing program running at Yorkton Alliance Church. 


Quizzing focuses on team building, understanding and memorizing God’s word, prayer and a whole lot more!

Quizzers study together, practice together, and compete together. They encourage each other and they work together to help each other memorize the memory verses.  The quizzers are expected to study at home so times together can be spent either practicing competition situations (jumping off the benches) or playing games using the quiz material.

Quizzing encourages the memorization of God’s Word in a fun and competitive atmosphere.  It’s like Jeopardy, with teams, but instead of using your thumb to get the ability to answer the question, you jump off of your seat.

Each year the quizzers study a book of the New Testament. This past year the quizzers looked at the books of Hebrews and 1 & 2 Peter.

Throughout the year they travel to different places for Quiz Meets where they compete against other churches.

For more information, talk to Jennifer Loewen or check out http://cmdquizzing.org.