Sermon by text

It is a sermon script by Pastor Frankie Kim. 

June 04 2023

our lives have meaning and purpose because of Jesus—His calling, the salvation He has bestowed upon us, and the teachings He has imparted to us. We can hear how we can adjust our perspective following God's word. 

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May 14 2023

A mother's love is the closest to God's love. Like God's love, a mother's love is devoted, tender, and for her children. As we meditate on a mother's love, we want our worship service to be a meditation on God's love for us, Jesus Christ.

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April 30 2023

Why do we want to serve God, and how does serving God affect our lives? A life lived as a follower of Jesus doesn't mean a carefree life. Instead, it's a life lived for something greater, something more glorious, something that exalts the name of Jesus who died for us. 

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April 16 2023

Who is the Holy Spirit? What is your preconception of the Holy Spirit? We expect to experience the workings of the Holy Spirit, but one problem is how can we experience it and prove that we have experienced it? Let's discuss the work of God and the Holy Spirit.

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Easter Sunday, April 9 2023

I invite you to join me in exploring the profound significance of Jesus' resurrection and its impact on our lives today. In today's sermon, we will delve into the teachings of Paul and discover how his insights can help us deepen our understanding of this crucial event in Christian history.

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Palm Sunday, April 2 2023

What does Palm Sunday mean to us, and how does it relate to Easter? What is our hope, and what is our hope in the week ahead as believers? In today's sermon, we'll discuss the meaning of Palm Sunday and the hope of believers.

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