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Four Committees

As we look to renew our church in 2023, we are reorganizing our church ministries into four committees to fulfill the mission God has entrusted to us. As a member and worshiper of Yorkton Alliance Church, you can join one of four committees to help fulfill the mission God has entrusted to the church. You may join and serve on a different committee once per year. Joining a committee is open to anyone who attends Yorkton Alliance Church, regardless of membership.

1. Worship & Music Elders: Scott Fitzsimmons, Dion Walker
The worship and music committee is a vital part of our church community. Its purpose is to plan, coordinate and oversee all aspects of our worship services and music ministry. The committee works closely with the pastor, the choir director, the organist and other musicians to ensure that our worship is meaningful, inspiring and uplifting. The committee also organizes special events such as concerts, festivals and workshops to enrich our musical and spiritual life. The worship and music committee welcomes anyone who has a passion for worship and music and wants to contribute to this important ministry.

2. Mission & Outreach Elders: Dennis Dyck, Graham Erickson
Purpose: The purpose of the Mission and Outreach committee is to share the love of God with our neighbors near and far. This committee doing by supporting various local and global ministries that serve the needs of people in different ways. It also organizes events and activities that invite people to join us in our church’s mission and outreach efforts. Some of the ministries it supports include food banks, shelters, schools, health clinics, disaster relief, and evangelism. This committee believes that by reaching out to others, fulfilling the Great Commission and demonstrating the grace and compassion of Christ.

3. Education & Nurture Elders: Phyllis Stroud, Linda Wong
Purpose: The education and nurture committee is a vital part of our church's mission to grow in faith and love. The committee oversees and supports various ministries that provide learning opportunities and spiritual care for people of all ages and stages of life. Some of the ministries include Sunday school, youth group, adult education, small groups, pastoral care, and outreach. The committee also plans and organizes special events and programs that enrich our church community and foster fellowship and service. The purpose of the education and nurture committee is to help everyone discover and develop their gifts and talents, deepen their relationship with God and one another, and discern their calling to serve the world in Christ's name.

4. Serving & Finance Elders: JR Ramos, Chanz Hutton
Purpose: The serving and finance committee is a vital part of Yorkton Alliance Church. Its purpose is to oversee the budget and financial operations of our programs and projects, as well as to coordinate the volunteer activities and outreach efforts of our members. The committee works closely with other committees, the pastors, and the donors to ensure that our resources are used efficiently and effectively to fulfill our mission and vision. The committee also fosters a culture of generosity and service among our members, encouraging them to share their gifts and talents with others in need. The serving and finance committee meets monthly to review the financial reports, approve expenditures, plan fundraisers, and discuss ways to improve our impact and sustainability.

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